The Morning Shift

This is an article for all of those hard working people who get up in the mornings to be able to provide for themselves and their families. This article will especially be for those who work retail.
Those of us who are unfortunate enough, working in retail, receive the morning shift. For some of us, it’s pretty ok because we’re morning people. Although, for people like me who are raging insomniacs and refuse to take the proper medication, it’s awful. Waking up before seven o’clock isn’t exactly my forte.
Customers who come into stores bright and early are pretty smart, though. The early bird gets the worm. But sometimes the early bird is an extremely cranky one who can’t find their worm and blames it on every employee they can. Let’s take a brief moment to agree that some customers shouldn’t come into stores before ten o’clock. They’ll hem and haw at you as well as huff and puff if you can’t find what they’re looking for or complete their transaction quick enough.
Another thing about working the morning shift is phone calls. Why does anyone use the phone at eight o’clock in the morning? I hardly ever use the phone anymore, anyhow. My phone talking skills are quite rusty since all of this newfangled technology has come out in recent years. Needless to say, I’m awkward when I speak on the telephone. When someone calls the store, I answer with the shpeil taped on the top of the land line and that’s as far as I can get without stumbling all over my own words.
My next question, however, is why should I complain about the morning shift? Who am I to complain about waking up at seven in the morning to go to work and essentially provide for myself. There are millions of great, friendly, hard working Americans who do it everyday. There are also millions of great, friendly Americans who are stuck in the unemployment line.
I get to work sometimes and people will complain about it being so early, including myself. You might also find yourself taking part in this. However, I think we need to be more appreciative of the morning shift. We’re the lucky ones who landed the job and are making minimum wage, or more, and are able to bring the bread to our own table. While bread may be the only thing we can afford off an hours worth of work at minimum wage, we’re still bringing something home.