Children, Parents, and Restaurants

I can easily start this article off by saying that whenever my best friend and I are extremely annoyed, we feel the urge to text each other and say, “It’s time to blog.” Well, it’s time to blog.
Todays annoyance for me came from what was supposed to be a nice, enjoyable, simple meal with my mother. We sat down for our meal thinking it would be a nice, quiet Sunday night at our favorite local restaurant. We were wrong.
When two parents are sitting down to eat with their children, you would hope the parents would be firm with their children, remind them to mind all their manners, enforce all consequences, and hope the parents wouldn’t behave like their children. The family of four sitting in the booth across from us, however, followed none of those hopes.
The children, in question, were nothing but rotten and the parents were nothing but useless. The two girls were unreasonably loud, had no listening skills, and couldn’t control themselves. The father never once corrected his kids or even chimed in to help his wife when she attempted to correct. When the wife attempted to correct her daughters, however, she didn’t make too much headway.
Let’s understand that I am 17 and I don’t have children, unless you count my cat, so I can’t exactly tell someone how they should raise their children. However, every parent should raise their children to be respectable, calm, and collected in public, including restaurants. It’s acceptable to let children run a muck in fast food places because at least then, they’ll be getting rid of the food they’ve put in their bodies.
Being raised by very southern parents and an extremely southern family, manners and politeness are in our blood, contrary to popular belief. I may sound like I’m pointing my nose up to this small family, but I’m really not. My only hope is to know that parents are teaching their children manners in a social setting.