Side Notes: An Excerpt

At the end of year two, or page by page 730 as I like to say, I had never been more in love with you. I had never been in love with anyone like I was in love with you. When I woke up, the first face I saw was yours and it was the last face when I would fall asleep. I would daydream about us getting married and growing a small army of children as ridiculous as that sounds. It was a side of me I had never knew existed. It was a side I knew I could not explore with you. I knew you did not believe in marriage and I knew you did not want children. It saddened me. It saddened me because once I found someone I wanted to be in love with for the rest of my life and never knew this side of me had existed, I could not let that side of me live. I hid this newfound information deep within and I hid it from you for as long as I could. I was too in love to fight with you.

Everyday when you came home from working you would pick me up and spin me around the room. You would shower me with kisses and flowers. It was an endless cycle of you telling me how much you loved me, how you were so happy we moved in together, how much of a blessing my presence was to you. You said you could and never have been as happy as you had been with me in your life when we went on our last trip of the year to celebrate two years together. You said we weren’t a traditional couple and you were happy to comply with that term. We weren’t traditional, we weren’t ordinary. Together we were extraordinary. We didn’t want it any other way.

We had a few fights here and there after you tried to get me into the gallery. They were small and had no bearing on our relationship. They simply did not matter in the long run. Some nights when we would argue we would go till three in the morning till someone apologized or we found a solution. On nights like those it was hard to go to sleep angry, so we stayed up. Every argument, every night stayed up till the sun rose, every small disagreement only made us stronger. We were unstoppable and that was alright with us.


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