Cat Calls Are for Cats

I want to be extremely vocal about this issue and I mean extremely. Catcalling isn’t cool. It just isn’t.

On my way to class this morning, a moving truck was driving past and a 40-year-old man leaned out the window and yelled out “Hey sexy!” When I was waiting for a car outside the train station a few weeks ago, another older gentlemen came up to me to tell me I was “fine as hell” and then proceeded to give me the good ol’ up-down. These are only two instances in a lifetime full of being catcalled.

I want to make it very clear right now how very uncool it is. It does not matter what I’m wearing, I’m not asking for it. It does not matter if I’m alone or not, I’m not asking for it. It does not matter if I’m a full figured woman, small and tiny, or just plain average, I’m still not asking for it. If you catcall a woman at any age, it is not a compliment, it’s an insult.

Women were not put on this earth for male entertainment. If you are going to cat call someone, make sure it’s an actual cat.



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