History Distractions

Her irises were filled with the spirit of freedom and the color of steam dimmed her soul. She had never felt a happiness that made her so sad, for the first time in her life she had a fear so real she couldn’t quite fathom it. She chose to ignore the fear and follow the man that called her name. He stole her heart and hoped to God he wouldn’t give it back. Unfortunately, there came a time when he stopped calling and lost herself completely.

Her wild spirit no longer existed, the grey in her eyes had taken over. She could finally understand what she could not before and understand her fear was of sadness. She found her fear of sadness was so strong she buried it deep inside her, deep enough so it could never see the light of day. She cried herself to sleep and became a modern day Sleeping Beauty, waiting for her true loves kiss to wake her starving heart. Only in her dreams could she imagine her spirit riding once again, once again alive with freedom, her steam colored eyes tinted blue, life returning to her.

She no longer sleeps.

A little something lame I wrote when I was just distracted in history today. It’s lame, I know, but oh well, here you go.


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