Let’s Talk Men.

So the title of this blog sounds a little generic and cliché but I can tell you it’s far from it. I want to tell you, from personal experience, you don’t need a man to make you feel good about yourself. To who ever is sitting on the couch or at their desk looking at their computer or phone screen: you don’t need that man who keeps coming in and going out of your life.
Men are kind of like light bulbs. They shine in your eyes for the longest time but after months or even years, they go out. I can tell you that personally. However, to not be totally pessimistic, eventually you find one that shines bright for the rest of your days and who never fails to light your paths.
To the ladies with that one man who pops in and out of your life (kind of like how guys always have to flip through ALL the tv channels and never settle on one), you don’t need him. Drop him now because you’re only hurting yourself. He’ll come and go, tell you promises he never keeps, ignore you for months then right out the blue only want you, but you don’t need that. You don’t deserve that. I can also tell you that personally.
In the words of Francis Whitman, we weren’t raised to be treated like that. We deserve much better than to be treated like a child’s toy.


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