Denver Adventures

I moved to Denver when I was going into kindergarten. However, after i finished second grade, we left for the windy city of Chicago. It’s been about ten years since I was last in Denver. This past week, I actually made my way back over there.
My first day consisted of just traveling and sleeping. We landed at the Denver International airport around 10:30 in the morning. We were staying in Manitou Springs at the Cliff House so we had about another hour and a half of driving left to do. Long story short, I slept most of the day.
Our first full day, my mom and I did some exploring on our own. My dad was in meetings all day for work, so we went off by ourselves. Our first Denver Adventure was exploring The Garden Of the Gods. We only stayed for a half hour, however, because we’ve seen it all before. Living here for three years, we explored as much as we could and saw everything. I took some *amazing* photos and I’ll definitely be posting those up as soon as they’re edited. My mom and I then made our way over to the cliff dwellings. They were absolutely gorgeous! There were Native American homes carved out on the side of the cliffs. We were able to climb through them and look out into the mountains. Our last stop for the day was the Cave Of the Winds. We waited around for an hour to be able to take a tour of the caves and caverns. They were, indeed, quite cold. We explored beneath the earth’s surface for an hour and half. We climbed up steep stairs and crept through incredibly tiny and short path ways. I will also post a photo of those. That night, we left Manitou Springs and made our way over to Denver.
Friday afternoon, I took a college visit to the University of Denver. What a beautiful school. They have so much to offer and great programs for me to get into. I’ve heard nothing but wonderful things of the school.
Today, Saturday, we took a trip to Golding, CO to take a tour of the MillerCoors factory. I’m actually posting this blog as I stand in line. We’ve been waiting for almost an hour and a half. In other news, I finally made A-List in Kim Kardashian.
Tomorrow, we head home, and I have to say I’m quite excited to get home and get ready for color guard camp. However, I’m also extremely upset that we’re leaving. I love everything about Colorado. I’ll definitely be back soon. Photos will be coming up this week from all my wonderful Denver Adventures.


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